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Do you have back problems? Find out more about things you can do for your back care and how you can protect your back.

Top articles - Healthy Back

Treatment of low back pain

Low back pain treatment may vary, because it depends on its underlying causes. However the best treatment involves having your back assessed so that you can get the right advice about how to stay active and manage your pain.

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Low back pain – causes and symptoms

Low back pain (LBP) is often described as sudden, sharp, persistent, or dull pain felt below the waist. LBP is very common and affects the majority of people at some point during their life.

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Treatment options of back pain – part 2

In cases when home treatment doesn't help with back pain, then doctors will take more dramatic back pain treatment options.

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Top articles - Healthy Neck & Shoulders


Whiplash can throw the neck in an awkward position, thereby trapping a nerve and straining local soft tissue.

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Top articles - Healthy Legs & Arms

Exercises for knee

For a nice walk good flexibility of joints and adjusted function of flexible and strong muscles are essential. With proper physical activity we can strengthen joint muscles and increase the strength and flexibility of the joint.

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Top articles - Alternative Treatment

Flower Power

Bach flower practitioners believe that by using certain flowers, a person's emotional state can be corrected and ailments healed.

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Shiatsu is a more than 300 year old Japanese therapeutic practice that can support individuals in moving towards greater health and well-being.

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Tai chi

Tai chi literally means “Supreme Ultimate Force” in Chinese. It combines meditation with motion and breathing techniques. Although it is a martial art, it is not used for combats.

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Top articles - Tips & Prevention

When Your Body Does the Unexpected

The human body can be very mysterious and can sometimes react in strange ways, from hiccups to goose bumps. Do these mysterious body quirks have logical explanations?

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Is there an ideal car seat design?

Based on the study of National Library of Medicine in USA and others, here are the recommendations for a good car seat to minimize back strain.

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Is driving uncomfortable for you?

Long trips, cars that don't fit us, stress, children fighting and cell phone ringing are some of the contributors to the tiredness and pain we feel.

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What is 5*?
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