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Massage Gel

Massage gel with menthol and essential oils will help you improve joint flexibility, revive muscles after physical strain and stimulate circulation.

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4 in 1 cold and hot gel packs

4 in 1 Cold and Hot Gel Packs

Reusable gel packs for either cold or hot therapy. Reducing swelling and inflammation or help relieve stiffness and ongoing pains. Convenient to use at home or while traveling.

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Body Roll Massage Pillow

A multi-use massage pillow that eases tension with 2-speed massage therapy and provides ideal support for neck, back and knees.

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Chiropractic Massage Pillow

A true relief for your aching back! Its anatomical shape works to support your lower back and provides therapeutic massage with two effective settings.

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Training set

Ideal solution for strengthening the muscles, gaining power and keeping regular physical exercise easily - at home.

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Anica Živko

“KOSMODISK PRESTIGE offers me comfort in the car and is the right thing for me!”

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